Google Plus: The Definitive Getting Started Guide


Why Google+

Google Plus has the reputation as being the social network you love to hate.  It has been called a “Ghost Town”, “The Dead Zone”, and a host of other less than flattering (and far less than accurate)  names.  Numerous theories abound as to why there are so many G+ haters, but my best guess is that people don’t like change.  Most are comfortable on Facebook.  They are vaguely apathetic.  They do not want to leave their comfort zone.  Google+ can wait.

I challenge the thinking that Google+ is not a priority.  In fact, I believe it should be your #1 priority and here is why:

1. Google Plus Is Not a “Facebook Killer”

To start with, the “either or” mentality is shortsighted   Google has known from the start that they do not need to be a replacement for Facebook, they simply need to be an alternative.  Google+ is a completely unique space with unique features that you cannot find anywhere else.  It is the best of the social graph rolled up into one far, far reaching network.

2. Google Knows What You Are Looking For

The King of Search is fully aware of what people want, what they need.  They have spent the past 10+ years analyzing what people search for, the results they favor, and more importantly  market trends.

3.  Google+ Brings People Together

Google understand people and their innate desire to be surrounded by like-minded individuals.  More importantly, Google created three tools to do so quickly and easily:

  1. Circles –  Similar to Twitter lists, but fast, easy and visual.
  2. Communities – Similar to Facebook Groups, but better organized and with respect for our privacy.  Read all about communities here.
  3. Hangouts – Video chat rooms with Skype calling functionality.  Plus, it’s free, can be recorded and/or broadcast live.

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