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This was originally brought to my attention via a blog post written by Robert M. Caruso on Steam Feed.  Robert had mentioned a great idea that @Oreo should take the opportunity here to do some Social Good and put this girl @emmavermaak01 in charge of the campaign.  After all, the original website go over 500 thousand hits within a short period of time.  Guess what Girl Scouts?  You snooze you lose.

This girl has a heart filled with Social Good.  Just recently, I learned that she wanted to donate any prizes that she might win to an organization that helps kids who have lost parents in the Military.  A striving example for what girls should be, wouldn’t you say @girlscouts?

Another blog post about this was written and shared to me.  This blog post happens to come from the site called Common Cents Mom, who happens to be a Girl Scout supporter herself.  Quite frankly, a lot of people are disappointed in the actions of Girl Scouts of America.  For starters, no knowing their own policies, for second, stopping the efforts of Social Good, for third, having policies that are out-dated.

Right now, I’m torn between boycotting Girl Scout Cookies and sending a Check to this girl anyway so she can get any prizes she might win and continue Social Good.  What would you do?  I encourage you to write your own blog post and send it to Oreo on Twitter.  Let’s help spread the message.  I for one will forever be a fan of Oreo and purchase more of their cookies if they do.

Emma, keep up the great work and know that there are supporters behind you, regardless of what you decide to do.  Continue to do the Social Good and you’ll always have a following.

via Girl Scouts of America Fail – Come on Oreo « Official Blog of Roger Hoyt.


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